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News & Current Events

Lone Wolf D20 Project Underway   July 23 2003
Late last fall, Mongoose Publishing announced that they had signed a deal with Joe Dever to create a D20 RPG based on Lone Wolf and Magnamund!

Trivia a huge success!   May 22 2002
In just five days, the trivia section has grow by nearly 900 percent!

Trivia now online!   May 17 2002
The long awaited, interactive trivia section is now available.

Rising Sun Archives Now Online!   May 5 2002
Back by popular demand, Rising Sun is online again. A new poll is up for voting too.

Vote for your favourite locations   March 4, 2002
Our new poll asks what parts of Magnamund you like best.

Bios are ready!   March 4, 2002
You can now make your own bio and add it to

Lord of the Rings is here!   December 19 2001
It may not be Magnamund, but it's as close as you may ever get on the silver screen.

Vote for the Bio section   December 2 2001
Vote now for the info that will be included in the interactive fan bio section!

Interview with Joe Dever!   November 24 2001
We have just added an interview with Joe Dever to the Author's Corner section. These are Joe's answers to a series of questions, back in 1998 when he first contacted the Lone Wolf online community. They're just as interesting now as they were back then, so check them out!

Polls Up!   October 29 2001
The first official online poll is now up in the Rising Sun section!

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